• Colorado Health Neighborhoods for Consumers

  • The vision we have for the health of all Coloradans is one where a circle of health care services consistently surrounds an individual no matter where they go or what their health and wellness needs might be through their lifetime.

    Individuals who partner with Colorado Health Neighborhoods for their health are getting just that - a partner for their health. While this begins with a team-based medical home, the neighborhood care approach extends beyond the four walls of the practice to engage and support the individual in their daily life. Connectivity through web-based tools (patient records, scheduling, clinical consults and bill pay) and incorporation of lifestyle apps will create a more seamless personal experience to enable better health management and more effective and efficient outcomes.

    Individuals that partner with CHN are expected to engage in their health - regardless of their current health status. They will be provided the tools to increase their health literacy, and then expected to become literate. In return for these increased levels of engagement, they will receive increased support and other incentives oriented to improving their overall health.

    When an individual does require care, they will realize a fully different experience. The information and plans established in their medical home will be waiting for them if/when they need care at other sites of care within the system. They will have navigators and care coordinators to help them manage their own care before, during and after. Further, their support team will guide them in taking steps to improve their health so that they can stay out of the system altogether.

    As your partner in health and wellness, Colorado Health Neighborhoods is committed to delivering optimal health care value and to supporting your health for a lifetime.