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  • Providers

  • Providers are the core of everything we do.

    Colorado Health Neighborhoods is a whole new type of patient-centered medical home. We’re physician-led, and that means we understand that you need to do what you do best: provide great care to your community. We’re here to help by easing workflow, opening communication channels and providing valuable tools.

    An entire network working for you.

    Colorado Health Neighborhoods offers the highest number of specialists to choose from, as well as access to facilities around the state and the opportunity to work with partners, including payers and Walgreens. You’ll be connected to the infrastructure you need to support your patients at every stage of their health care journey. We facilitate easier communication and care coordination across our entire system, providing less duplication, better planning and more efficient use of time. And that translates to better overall health care outcomes.

    More support. More tools. Less hassle.

    Health care is changing. Colorado Health Neighborhoods is a pathway to the future. Join us today. Contact us at via email to learn more.

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    Find a Doctor

    Search for health care providers offering a wide array of health care services.

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