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  • Transforming Health Care Delivery

    A network of support to benefit your employees

    Colorado Health Neighborhoods (CHN) approaches health care differently, with health in mind. Network providers concentrate on quality instead of quantity. It’s a thoughtful approach, providing value to your employees and their dependents.

    Totals more than 500 practices, with many offering extended hours and Saturday appointments.

    As part of Centura Health, the region’s leading health care network, CHN offers the most choice in providers, and access to the experts, specialists, facilities and technology to help your employees become engaged in and navigate their health care journey.

    Proactive, Personalized Care

    Patients with chronic conditions benefit from CHN’s care coordination program. The care coordinator partners with the patient’s primary care provider (PCP) in creating individualized care plans to manage the patient’s complex health needs.

    Care coordinators check in with patients each Friday to see how they are feeling, if they have medication for the weekend, and if they need to be seen. When their PCP isn’t available, high-risk patients are encouraged to first call their care coordinator before heading to an ER.

    The proactive, personalized approach works. CHN has reduced admissions and ER visits in several patient populations.

    • Asthma: 26% reduction in admissions
    • Congestive Heart Failure: 71% reduction in admissions
    • COPD: 52% reduction in admissions
    • Coronary Artery Disease: 88% reduction in admissions
    • High ER-utilizers: 71% reduction in visits

    Advancing Quality Care

    CHN knows reducing cost is as important as optimizing health. Through several initiatives to support population health and highrisk patients, CHN has been able to demonstrate positive results.

    The integration of health care teams supporting quality programs has resulted in a reduction for total cost of care. This is based on risk stratification to better analyze gaps and improve care through data analytics, evidence-based guidelines for disease management programs, as well as enhanced clinical pathways (care plans) to include care coordination.

    Actual data from sample patient population

    Easy Access to Care

    CHN offers the most choice in providers, specialists, technology and health care facilities — giving your employees access to the care they need, where and when they need it. Your employees and dependents can find quality care in convenient locations or virtually. It’s health care the way they want it.

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