Colorado Health Neighborhoods

A New Health Care Delivery Model

Colorado Health Neighborhoods aims to move away from the current fee-for-service model that rewards volume instead of value. We are creating a system that promotes coordination among providers to produce demonstrably improved health outcomes at an affordable cost in a more convenient, service-oriented setting.

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In order to accomplish this, Colorado Health Neighborhoods puts the consumers in the driver’s seat, bringing together services and resources that are essential to well-rounded health care, including both medical services, such as an urgent care center or a specialist physician, and services targeting health and wellness, such as coaches and online health literacy programs.

You’ll find each neighborhood is optimized to serve its community. In some areas, that might mean pairing a primary care practice with visiting specialists and telehealth services. In others, it will include bringing together, primary care, specialists, imaging and laboratory services, along with a complete acute care hospital.

To succeed, Colorado Health Neighborhoods requires a strong commitment from participating physicians who are passionate about health care innovation.


Have questions? Please visit our FAQ page

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